Contact Center Software: The Benefits of Cloud Solutions


The objective of a contact center, also called call center, contact center or call center is to process customer calls quickly and efficiently. The term refers to both the teams that respond to requests, the infrastructure that supports the calls and the contact center software.

Contact center software is an internet and cloud-based facility that handles all inbound and outbound customer communications for a business. It is a software solution that offers a comprehensive suite of tools and applications giving you the ability to deliver exceptional levels of customer service across multiple channels including voice, SMS, email and mobile. social networks.

Whether you offer services for other professionals (B2B) or for individuals (B2C), having a powerful and efficient contact center software is the pillar of a successful customer experience. The quality of your request handling also influences the image and reputation of your company. Finally, contact center software also improves the productivity of your teams.

That’s why in this article we present cloud contact center software and its many benefits for your business!

What is cloud contact center software?

Cloud contact center software is an online solution that will simplify and optimize the customer experience for organizations. Indeed, historically, for the management of incoming and outgoing calls a company had to be equipped with hardware and software.

For small businesses and startups, this involved investments in telephones and telephone systems as well as the creation of positions dedicated to people who answer calls. It was also necessary to plan for the purchase of numbers, switchboards, etc.

For large groups, this could go as far as setting up departments and offices with giant platforms filled with teleoperators.

Cloud -based contact center software solutions have reduced these installation costs and times. They are also acclaimed by companies of all sizes for their multiple advantages.

What are the benefits of cloud contact center software?

A cloud contact center uses the latest communication technologies and is a modern alternative to on-premises contact centers. It offers many benefits to businesses that want to continually meet and exceed customer expectations and are limited by traditional call center systems.

Agent satisfied with using cloud contact center software

Indeed, some contact centers still operate on old call center software and platforms that cannot adapt to changes in communication methods and in particular the way customers and organizations interact today.

For example, if your business uses “traditional” contact center software, you may encounter many obstacles and limitations such as:

the impossibility of adding new communication channels (email, chat, social media, videoconference, etc.);

difficulties in easily updating your call routing structure;

a lack of visibility into the performance of your teams and systems (with the absence of analysis tools, dashboards and reports, etc.);

less efficiency and responsiveness.

Cloud contact center software will overcome these limitations and offer other advantages depending on your activity and your company.

Why is a cloud contact center the best solution for your business?

More flexibility and agility

Unlike legacy solutions that require voice modules, I/O expansion cards, additional software licenses, or other add-on expansions, cloud solutions allow you to instantly scale your workforce to meet growing customer interactions.

This advantage is particularly suitable for structures that have seasonal cycles, but also for all those that want to react effectively to any peak in activity. With solutions like RingCentral, you can add or reduce the number of teleoperators as calls fluctuate.

Plus, you don’t need to purchase server or storage software licenses or hire IT staff to manage your software. With your call center systems in the cloud, your business only pays for what it uses and all installation and maintenance is done by the vendor.

Unmatched reliability and availability

Some companies are reluctant to move to cloud solutions because they believe that on-premises call center systems offer greater reliability than hosted solutions. In reality, it is the reverse.

Professional cloud contact center solutions like RingCentral provide the highest levels of availability, reliability, and disaster recovery. These cloud systems house the infrastructure in geographically redundant data centers and guarantee up to 99.99% availability. To further enhance the overall resiliency, the data centers are staffed with experts who keep the system running smoothly 24/7 and perform all the latest upgrades.

How can a cloud contact center optimize both customer experience and agent productivity?

Call center agent providing quality service to customer with contact center software

Switching between multiple applications and having to manage bulky hardware can negatively impact agent performance. But with modern call center technology, productivity is dramatically improved. Employees can provide the best service with advanced features such as:

skills-based routing;

ACD tools (for automatic distribution of telephone calls);

call monitoring  ;

predictive numbers;

the interactive voice server (IVR).

Plus, customers benefit from omnichannel communication with your business through web, mobile, chat, voice, interactive voice response, email, and social channels. This gives you access to huge databases that can reveal actionable insights for your marketing strategies for example.

However, single-function contact center servers and old-fashioned PABX and IPBX hardware make analyzing the massive amounts of customer data available in your business particularly complex. Conversely, cloud contact center platforms act as a universal hub to collect and channel customer information for analytics.

Cloud platforms may, among other things, use behavioral, demographic and geolocation data to correctly match the relevant teleoperator for specific customer requests. This approach can help increase customer satisfaction while improving upsell and cross-sell rates.

Contact Center Software FAQs

Which software to choose for a call center?

To maximize both customer satisfaction, call campaigns and the productivity of your agents, cloud call centers are the best solution.

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