Online Tools to Compress Your Images While Maintaining Good Quality


The loading speed is crucial for a website: not only will a page that is too slow scare away your visitors, but it will also penalize the site in terms of its natural referencing. In order to avoid this, all web designers know that it is essential to limit the weight of the elements displayed on the pages as much as possible.

Starting with the images which, despite their undeniable aesthetic interest, can slow down a site if they are too numerous or too heavy. Fortunately, it is possible to considerably reduce the weight of a photo while preserving good quality: this is precisely what the image compression tools that we present to you in this post allow you to do. Usable for free, they will help you optimize your files, whatever their format and size

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Contents is a very ergonomic and complete compression tool, since it supports the JPG, PNG formats (which it can reduce considerably, up to 90%, without any loss of quality), but also GIF and SVG (with slight loss)

 can optimize JPGs and PNGs, with the advantage of being able to compress up to 20 images at once. The tool is very fast and gives excellent results on files that are not extremely large to start with.


LoveIMG offers many features to retouch your visuals: it allows you to resize them, crop them, convert them to another format, and of course optimize them (you can also upload several images at the same time, without limit ).


TinyJPG allows you to compress JPG files, but also PNG, easily and very quickly. You can upload up to 20 photos, limited to 5 MB each – to be avoided for very large images, therefore.


Ezgif is one of the best tools designed specifically for GIF compression: it allows you to reduce the size of your animated images by 30% to 50% while slightly altering the quality. The advantage is that you can adjust the level of compression (and therefore the resulting quality) as you wish.

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Optimizilla has a very simple interface and great ease of use: just drag your files (up to 20 at a time), wait a few seconds, and download a ZIP file containing your optimized images.

Compress JPEG

As its name suggests, Compress JPEG is dedicated to the JPEG format: it allows you to compress up to 20 images at a time with a good level of optimization. Simple and effective, it fulfills its role very well.


Optimizing your images before they go online is the best thing to do, but what if it’s already too late? Imagify is a WordPress plugin that can save you the day: it allows you to optimize the visuals present on a site, even in very large quantities, at the compression level of your choice. A real time saver for sites that use this CMS.


GIFCompressor is another online tool specializing in GIFs: unlike Ezgif, it allows you to upload up to 20 images at once. However, it offers fewer optimization parameters than the latter.


With GiftOfSpeed , you can precisely compress your JPG photos (only one at a time, though) and resize them at the same time by adjusting the width or height you want: a bit of a time saver.

Kraken has the advantage of offering two compression modes:

Without loss (“Lossless”): the image suffers no reduction in quality.

Lossy: Slight quality loss may occur, file size decreases by 60% to 90%.

Lossy mode will be fine for most users, but Lossless mode is great for photographers, designers, and other professionals who want to retain 100% of an image’s visual information.


If you want to compress multiple images with formats, ImageRecycle is an all-in-one tool that will fully meet your expectations. Indeed, the site supports JPG, PNG, GIF and even PDF files. To optimize your images, all you have to do is import them with a simple drag and drop.

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