What is email software?


A messaging software (or messaging client) is used to send and receive messages . It also allows you to manage contacts, appointments, take notes, etc. The email software can be used directly on a device, without having to connect to the Internet. There are a multitude of email clients. Therefore, to optimize its operation, it is advisable to clean its mailbox from time to time.

What is email software used for?

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The messaging software or MUA (Mail user agent) has the basic functionalities of a messaging service, directly installed on a PC or Mac. In addition, tablets and smartphones have a native messaging client, which is most often a free messaging application.

Messaging software improves the management of messages and the organization of communication, as well as the sharing of information. By bringing your messages back to your device, you can manage them more easily without being connected to the Internet. In addition, it also gives the possibility of collecting several POP or IMAP e-mail accounts. Only polling and sending actions require a connection.

The email client is equipped with multiple features: quick search, filter, agenda, calendar, synchronized address book, task list, etc. It automatically detects spam and better secures your personal and professional data.

Unlike webmail, email software is installed directly on your device. Thus, you can configure it with one or more email addresses. In addition, with Webmail, your provider imposes its message management software on you. We can cite Gmail, Orange, SFR, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Webmail is therefore an email client on the Web.

What are the different email programs?

There are many messaging software:

  • The most widespread is that of Microsoft: Outlook.
  • Under Mac Os, we mainly find the Mail software.
  • Thunderbird is free software developed by Mozilla.
  • Under Linux, there is often a preinstalled messaging client: Thunderbird for Ubuntu, Evolution for Gnome…
  • For mobile terminals, Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird are examples of free messaging applications available on Android or iOS, but there are some others.

You should know that all email clients are equivalent in terms of basic functionality: writing, sending and receiving emails. The differences are in platform, price, ease of use, interface, etc.

Before choosing your e-mail software, determine if your needs are limited to basic functions or if you need advanced features. Choose your email client according to your computer level.

Remember to clean your email

However, it is important to clean your email regularly to optimize its operation and that of your device. It also saves storage space. Having a clean mailbox also helps you focus on your tasks and therefore allows you to be more productive and efficient. Finally, it is an excellent way to optimize the security of your personal data, by getting rid of spam and intrusive newsletters.

You can manually clean your mailbox, but this task is both time-consuming and tedious. The best is to use Cleanfox , a free software that helps you clean your email in a few clicks. Simply associate your email address with the software or mobile application. The tool carries out a complete scan of your mailbox and classifies the mails according to the senders. You then have to delete them or unsubscribe.

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